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pCharacter Import


Welcome to pCharacter Import!  pCharacter Import allows you to import rigged and weighted Daz3D models into Softimage XSI 4. Supports morphs, textures, and material zones.  The imported model can then be posed and animated in XSI using XSIs standard biped rig.

Feature List:

  1. Import Daz3D models previously rigged for Poser into XSI.
  2. Includes manually edited weight-maps for supported characters.
  3. Import morphs when importing the model.
  4. Import morphs at a later time onto a rigged model.
  5. Import morphs from the cr2 file.
  6. Import morphs from inject delta files (pz2).
  7. Import textures and materials from the cr2 file.
  8. Import textures and materials from a MAT Pose file (pz2).
  9. Copy textures to XSI project and resize.
  10. Supports importing clothing onto an existing rig.
  11. Video tutorials to help you get started quickly.
  12. Poser is not required to use this plug-in.
  13. The following models are supported by this plug- in:
    a. Victoria 3
    b. Victoria 3 reduced resolution.
    c. The Girl
    d. Stephanie 3 Petite
    e. Aiko 3 (Free until Jan 31, 2005!)
    f. Victoria 2
    g. Victoria 1
    h. Victoria reduced resolution
    i. David
    j. Michael 2
    k. Michael 1
    l. Michael 3 reduced resolution

  14. Characters rigged using the standard XSI biped rig.

  15. Simple installation using XSIs addon mechanism.






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