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Welcome to AutoGroup Editor - the advanced group editor for Poser clothes modelers!

Why AutoGroup Editor?
-To make your clothes conform to an existing Poser figure like Victoria 3, you need to match clothing groups to the figure's groups as closely as possible. Once the groups match, you can then use
QuickConform (sold separately) to create a conforming clothing object.

-AutoGroup Editor has advanced features:

Features Include:

  • Auto grouping based on a source figure's groups. (only minor editing is need after running the Auto Group command for models of simple to medium complexity).
  • Rectangle Selection
  • Polygon Lasso Selection
  • Paint Selection
  • Active Grouping (assigns new group as selected)
  • Symmetrical Selection (model must be symmetrical)
  • Transparent viewing of clothing object (you can see the source figure's groups under your clothing to guide you while grouping).
  • Easy to hide/show groups in clothing object and source figure.
  • Highlight selected polygons or only highlight their edges.
  • Auto-backup on save.
  • Auto-load last.
  • Easy to use view controls.
  • 100 level undo (for selection and grouping changes).
  • Intuitive, docking-window interface.
  • Comes with a detailed video tutorial to get you started quickly.

Req: Opengl video card.

*AutoGroup Editor only supports 3 or 4 sided polygons (tris and quads).




Demo Video

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